Our Teachers….

In October 2019....

Aziza of Cairo

Aziza of Cairo (Egypt) ~ was born in Alexandria. From an early age she admired the great dancers Tahiva Carioca, Samia Gamal and Naima Akef and was determined, despite the cultural difficulties, to make this dance her career. She dedicated herself to observing, learning and working in dance from the age of 12, also mastering Egyptian and Gulf folklore: melaya, shaabi, sharqi, baladi and khaliji. After this formative period, she moved to Cairo to dance in nightclubs, five-star hotels and weddings. She is now one of the most acclaimed dancers in Egypt’s oriental dance scene.

Khaled Mahmoud

Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt/UK) ~ is making a very welcome return to JoY to celebrate our 15th year. Khaled is an internationally renowned dancer and teacher who studies with top teachers and appears at international festivals. Born in Cairo, he is now based in the UK and is always popular at workshops around the UK and beyond.

Maria Aya

Maria Aya (Greece) ~ is a renowned teacher of oriental and folkloric oriental dance making a welcome return visit. Maria studied for many years with teachers in Cairo and elsewhere. Her style as teacher and choreographer is earthy, traditional, theatrical while keeping a connection with the modern world and the west. She is co-organizer of the MOSAIC Oriental Athens Festival.

Angela Noble

Angela Noble ~ as Tribe Zuza offers ATS® and World Fusion dance classes in the North East of England. She studied both Fat Chance and Gypsy Caravan formats on her personal tribal journey and is qualified as a teacher in both. Angela also runs the popular Tribe Zuza store, holidays and residentials. www.tribezuza.co.uk

Anne Kingston

Anne Kingston ~ specialises in Egyptian dance at regular classes in the North West and popular workshops. Anne also organise holidays in different parts of Morocco. www.annekingston.com

Asif Qu

Asif Qu ~ has been playing and teaching Middle Eastern and West African percussion for several years. He has taught at major dance festivals in the UK and is a member of The Nomads.


Candi ~ is known nationwide for her considerable performance skills and knowledge of the Egyptian Dance, a JoY favourite and back one more time. www.rakscandi2.com

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden ~ has been teaching in Yorkshire and Lancashire for 19 years using her own NorthWind Tribal style. She is known for devising fun, accessible, choreographies in a variety of styles. www.northwindtribal.co.uk

Cinzia Di Cioccio

Cinzia Di Cioccio (Italy) ~ teaches and performs as a solo dancer and with the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International. She has formed a new Tribe called D-QU’s Tribe in collaboration with Asif Qu. www.facebook.com/cinziadicioccio

Deirdre MacDonald

Deirdre MacDonald ~ fell in love with the magic and energy of Gypsy Caravan style in 1999 and is now a Master Teacher. This contemporary Tribal format echoes the ancient dance-forms. It looks great, feels great. It grounds and connects dancers wherever they join in the circle. www.hipswithattitude.co.uk


Fulya has been teaching since 2000 and is noted for being warm and encouraging. She is well known as a fusion bellydancer and constantly seeks to push boundaries and redefine her art.


Helena ~ is an award-winning professional performer and teacher of Egyptian dance based in Leeds where she is resident dancer at the Spice Quarter. Helena is also director of the award-winning Orientale Dance Company. www.helenabellydancer.com

Joanne Miller

Joanne Miller ~ performs at a variety of events across the UK and also in Cairo. She won the 2016 NADA Glitter Award for Rising Star and is a member of various dance companies.

Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor ~ based in the North East, Kay runs Farida Dance and Farida Adventures travelling regularly to Egypt to keep an eye on the latest trends. Her classes are always fun and enriching. www.faridadance.com

Michelle Pender

Michelle Pender ~ is the founder and troupe director of Caravanserai, the North African Drum and Dance Collective. Her work includes TV and theatre.

Monica Gracia

Monica Gracia (Colombia/UK) ~ became one of the first professional belly dance teachers in Colombia. She is an inspiring dancer through her unique expressive dance and the way she connects with her audience and moves their hearts.


Nawarra (Morocco/UK) ~ is Casablanca-born. Now based in Leeds, she has taken her Moroccan flair to many UK and international festivals becoming justly famous for her energy and her fun style. In addition, she has a flourishing travel agency taking dancers from all over the world to her beloved Morocco.


Ozgen (Turkey/UK) ~ is an internationally acclaimed dancer, teacher, choreographer and director. Ozgen is keen to promote Turkish Oriental and Romany (Gypsy) dance to global audiences. www.ozgen.co.uk

Tracey Gibbs

Tracey Gibbs ~ has been involved with the dance since the 1980’s. She performs and teaches in Manchester as well as at workshops throughout the UK. Tracey also runs the TOC belly dance agency. www.tasteofcairo.com