How to Book….

Through this web site.

We have now added the ability to book your workshops through this web site and pay by PayPal. (You will be charged the PayPal fee.) Go to the Home Page and click on the  link to go to ‘Online Bookings’. Follow the instructions there.

By email.

Send an email to giving the workshops that you want. Let us know if you also want a “Saturday Show” place, and/or an audience place for the Friday “Student Showcase”.

Please give your full name and postal address and let us know if you want to pay by e-banking or PayPal (You will be charged the PayPal fee.) We will get back to you to confirm your booking, the price, and send you a PayPal invoice, or e-banking information. Payment secures your booking.

By post.

Print off the PDF booking form and complete the details. (Please write clearly!) Send a separate form for each person. Indicate the session you want by entering the workshop number and cost, and also if you want a “Saturday Show” place and/or an audience place for the Friday “Student Showcase”.

Send the form along with payment (cheque’s, bankers draft or postal order payable to Jewel of Yorkshire) to Jewel of Yorkshire, 21 Malsis Road, KEIGHLEY, BD21 1EY.

We will confirm your booking by email or by post.

Bookings cannot be made by phone but if you have any urgent queries you can email us at

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