What happens at JoY….

Friday evening.

We open the Main Hall from 18:30 for a “Student Showcase”. Performers and audience pay just £6 for this event. The Souk will also be open so you can get in some early shopping! This is a chance to relax, take in the fabulous atmosphere at JoY, and appreciate the elegant building in which we host the event, before the weekend starts. You can book this in advance and we also sell audience places on the door during the evening.


Your first action on arrival should be to collect your ticket, this will tell you in which room each of your workshops will happen. Collection is initially in the Main Hall by the stage; by mid morning it has transferred to the Reception Desk. The workshops run from 09:30 until 18:15 in various smaller rooms in Victoria Hall. Staff will help guide you to your workshop, please just ask. Sorry, but we cannot provide a left luggage facility during the workshops.

In the Main Hall there is a Café that runs from 09:00 until early evening providing everything from a simple drink to a hot meal. The Souk runs all day and this is FREE to enter. (Unlike some Festivals who have the cheek to charge you to shop!)

In the evening we run the ‘Festival’ show, with many of the teachers performing, along with a cafe and chill-out room, and a disco; and the Souk is open again but only for ticket holders. Doors open for the Show at 19:00, it tends to run until about 22:30, and the disco continues to 23:30. During the show we provide a FREE left luggage facility as large bags are not allowed in the Hall.


The workshops continue from 10:00 until 16:30. The Main Hall is open from 09:00 and the Café is open from 09:15 until 17:00. The Souk is open from about 09:30 until 15:00(ish) – traders start to pack up at this time so it’s a good idea to get your final shopping in before you go into any of the last set of workshops! There is a FREE left luggage service on the stage during the day so you don’t have to trail large bags about.

You can pick up a flier for the next JoY over the weekend – it will tell you the dates of the next Festival so you can book your accommodation. We only do one JoY a year now.

Finally we have feedback forms you can fill in. We always read them and take whatever actions we can to improve the event.

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