Cancellation policy…

Nobody likes to think that this will happen but it can, so it’s best to understand our cancellations policy.

1: All teachers are contracted to attend, but problems do arise (often at the last minute) and we reserve the right to use a suitable substitute teacher if the scheduled teacher is not available.

2: Please check the confirmed booking immediately. If we have got your booking wrong, tell us within 7 days and we will change the booking if at all possible. Where the workshop you want is now full we will make a refund.

3: If you cannot attend for all or part of your booking, but have arranged privately for someone else to take up your booking, please let us know and we will change the name(s) on the booking for each workshop free of charge. This must be organised by the last cancellation date and cannot be done during the weekend. We advise you to be careful who you tell if you are not attending. If your name is ticked off as attending a workshop we cannot refund it – and it is possible for someone to slip in pretending to be you if you have broadcast that you are not coming.

4: If you have to cancel all or part of your booking please get in touch as soon as possible – the last date for accepting cancellations is given on the booking form. Please email a cancellation for preference, or phone Mandy. Late cancellations will be accepted at our discretion, but cancellations made after the festival has begun are unlikely to resell. Late cancellations need to be made by text to the JoY mobile number given in the confirmation documents, we may not pick up a phone call made when we are very busy.

5: We will try to resell any cancelled workshop places. Where we have sold places we will refund the workshop price (less a £5 per booking handing charge) or roll forward a credit. All refunds will be made after the event.

6: There is no general swap facility. If you change your mind about a workshop we are happy to try to resell that place for you, but you will have to purchase the new workshop ticket up-front to ensure your place on it and the £5 handling charge will apply on any refund for the cancelled workshop.

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