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Status: Waiting for 2021 Schedule.

The dates for the next JoY will be announced later this year.

We are very sad to have to announce that there will be no Jewel of Yorkshire Festival this year.

The rules on Social Distancing mean that it would be impossible to run the sort of festival that you love. And it is likely that large, indoor, events like JoY will be the last sort of activity that the government will permit. The unpredictable disruption to worldwide travel arrangements, and all the other economic and social problems created by the pandemic, also make it difficult to see how we could make it work this year.

So, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Festival and work towards a date, probably in October 2021. We know you will be disappointed with this decision but we hope you understand the reasons.

Keep safe, stay home if you have to, and keep dancing (even if it is just in your own home). We know many of you are involved in the essential services on which we all depend; you have our heartfelt thanks and respect.

Chris and Mandy

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