Our Teachers….

In October 2018....

Sahar Samara

Sahar Samara is currently the hottest rising star in Cairo, a protégé of Aida Nour and star dancer of the Blue Nile River Boat. She began her professional dance career as a member of Tito’s folklore troupe. Soon she was a popular soloist and she was prompted to move her career to Cairo. Her style is unique and blends both classic and modern in her Oriental work and her folkloric repertoire is breathtaking. Sahar was a participant in Dina’s competition show “Al Rakesa” which catapulted her into the international belly dance scene. She is highly sought-after as a performer and instructor throughout the world as well as at prestigious festivals in Egypt.


Saqra is a veteran of belly dance, an acclaimed performer, instructor and choreographer based in the USA with numerous instructional DVDs to her name. She is known for her challenging technical skill, her ability to break down material for all dancers, and her warm and approachable demeanour. www.saqra.net

Cinzia Di Cioccio

Cinzia Di Cioccio from Italy has devoted herself to Tribal Bellydance since 2005, currently she teaches and performs as a solo dancer focusing on her own Vintage and Chic Tribal style and with the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International. She has formed a new Tribe called D-QU’s Tribe in collaboration with Asif Qu. www.facebook.com/cinziadicioccio

Anna Kemper

Anna Kemper began studying belly dance in the USA but she now lives in London and organizes classes, workshops and events dedicated to the art of belly dance in its many guises. Anna is certified in the Salimpour formats and her classes have a strong technical focus. www.smallworldbellydance.com

Anne Kingston

Anne Kingston is known for her relaxed approach and specialises in Egyptian dance at regular classes in the North West and popular workshops. Anne also organise holidays in different parts of Morocco. www.annekingston.com

Asif Qu

Asif Qu has been playing and teaching Middle Eastern and West African percussion for several years. He has taught at major dance festivals in the UK and is a member of The Nomads.


Caroline from Belgium discovered the joy of dancing in 2011. After dedicating herself to raqs sharqi, she answered the call of different ethnic dances. Her style is grounded, spontaneous, genuine and passionate.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden has been teaching in Yorkshire and Lancashire for 18 years using her own NorthWind Tribal style. She is known for devising fun, accessible, choreographies in a variety of styles. www.northwindtribal.co.uk

Katie Holland

Katie Holland is rated as the best foreign performer in India. She is known for her unique fusion of dance styles whilst keeping a pure foundation and respect for the roots of the dances. Katie is also an Inner Dance facilitator, Yoga teacher and holistic therapist. She performs across India for socialite weddings, film premiers and corporate events. www.katie-holland.net


Nawarra is Casablanca-born. Now based in Leeds, she has taken her Moroccan flair to many UK and international festivals becoming justly famous for her energy and her fun style. In addition, she has a flourishing travel agency taking dancers from all over the world to her beloved Morocco.


Raheesha is an American-born dancer now living in Somerset. She has taught at many bellydance festivals in the UK and her dance career has taken her further afield, featuring in videos by Keti Sharif and teaching in Turkey, Egypt and the USA. www.raheesha.co.uk

Roxanne Grant

Roxanne Grant is a charismatic performer who is known for her fun, earthy, style of Egyptian belly dance. The winner of Miss Bellydance UK 2013, Roxanne performs across the UK and internationally. She is very excited to be teaching at JoY!

Sandra Thompson

Sandra Thompson is a JWAAD teacher based in Hull. Originally trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Tap and Latin. Sandra regularly teaches workshops and performs across the UK

Siobhan Waring

Siobhan Waring is a teacher and performer from the North of England. She was raised in the Middle East and has a real emotional connection to the music. She teaches in a fun and encouraging way to allow students to fill their dances with joy, passion and individuality.

Serena Ramzy

Serena Ramzy was born in Sao Paulo and became one of the youngest professional belly dancers in Brazil at the age of fifteen. She is renowned for her musicality and expressiveness. Serena toured with Hossam Ramzy to perform and teach and they founded the Drumzy School of Music and Dance and produced two DVDs. Serena formed her own dance company and has performed all around the world. Her performances vary from classical and traditional folklore to modern improvised dance. www.serenadances.com

Tracey Gibbs

Tracey Gibbs has been involved with the dance since the 1980’s. She performs and teaches in Manchester as well as at workshops throughout the UK. Tracey also runs the TOC belly dance agency. www.tasteofcairo.com

Tevec Ibrahim

Tevec Ibrahim combines the sensuality of Turkish Oriental and vibrancy of Theatrical Fusion. As an experienced award-winning performer and qualified teacher, she is known for her energetic, emotive, captivating and theatrical performances. Tevec is currently representing belly dance at MOVE IT 2018, one of the biggest dance events in Europe. www.tevecdance.com