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News at 12th September 2019...

JoY will be on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of October 2019 this year.

Just a few weeks to go! As of the date above, out of our 39 workshops, thirteen have sold out, seven are down to a handful of tickets, and seventeen have less than half the tickets left. If the workshop has turned red don’t leave it too late to book or you may be disappointed.

Please note: The ‘Early Bird’ price offers have now ended.

Remember – you can contact us even if a workshop has sold out. Sometimes tickets become available and we then get in touch with any students who have expressed an interest in the workshop – our Reserve list. Contact us through the Admin email address further down this page to register your interest in a workshop that has sold out.

Other News.

The Student Showcase now has its full compliment of acts. If you, or your group, want to go onto the Reserve list for the Showcase then please contact Admin at the usual email address.

You can book using the Online system, which operates the same as last year. The colour coding system is the same as we have used for many years now. Workshops with a GREEN bar have lots of places left, those with an AMBER bar have less than half, and if the workshop is showing a RED bar then you had better book quickly because there will only be a few tickets left. If it says SOLD OUT then it really is sold out. We have a policy of limiting the number of people per room to try to give you the best possible experience.

This year is our 15th and we are excited to host a mix of returning and new teachers. Most exciting we will be featuring Aziza of Cairo and Maria Aya (from Greece). We will be welcoming back Khaled Mahmoud (who was with us from the first JoY) and Ozgen. For our Tribal followers we have Deirdre MacDonald and Fulya along with a mix of other excellent teachers.

You can download and print off a PDF of the Schedule and Booking Form from this web site. (See the panel on this page) If you don’t want to use the Online system then email admin@jewelofyorkshire.co.uk with your booking and we will get back to you. You will be able to pay by PayPal or bank transfer. Or you can send a booking in the post, with a cheque, the old fashioned way. You can’t say we’re not flexible!

With regards to our “Student Showcase” on the Friday night; please remember that our definition of ‘Student’ is ‘someone who is a student at the Jewel of Yorkshire Festival’. There was some confusion about this in the feedback we read from 2017. Some people thought that a few of the performers were ‘too professional’ and should not have been in the show. We feel that anyone who has booked to do a workshop at the Festival is then eligible to dance in the Student Showcase. And remember, it’s not supposed to be a competition. The Showcase is a response to a request from students arriving on Friday for something entertaining in the evening to get them in the mood for the weekend!

Technical Stuff; but IMPORTANT!

EMAIL REFERRING TO 2018 BOOKING: Ooops – If you just got an email saying that you booked some workshops at JoY in 2018 this has happened because I was doing some tidying up on the website and moved all the 2018 orders into “completed” – not knowing that the site would send an email as a consequence! Sorry folks. Please ignore the email, if it relates to your 2018 booking.

ONLINE BOOKING: You can only make a booking for one person at a time. You cannot put multiples of workshops or shows on the same booking. If you want to book sessions for more than one person you must finish the first booking and pay, then you can start again for someone else. Please remember to put the full name of the person you are booking for in the information section on the checkout page and their email if you want confirmation to go to them (we normally send the confirmation to the person who paid). If in doubt email admin@jewelofyorkshire.co.uk and let us know what you are wanting to do.

We use a database to hold your information. The data held is NEVER shared with, or sold to, anyone else and we will only contact you about your booking.

Looking forward to seeing you at JoY.

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