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News at 21 April 2018...

Our next JoY will be on the 5, 6, and 7 of October 2018.

Welcome to our new-look website, we have had to change things due to software issues. We hope this will be more up-to-date and friendly to more formats. We hope this is all up and running correctly, but mistakes do happen. If you find something please email admin@jewelofyorkshire.co.uk and we will look into it.

Early Bird cut off date is 1 July, book before for best value.

We have had to change some aspects of the online booking system. Most importantly you can only make a booking for one person at a time, you cannot put multiples of workshops or shows on the same booking. If you want to book sessions for more than one person you must finish the first booking and pay, then you can start again for someone else. Please remember to put the full name of the person you are booking for in the information section on the checkout page and their email if you want confirmation to go to them (we normally send the confirmation to the person who paid). If in doubt email admin@jewelofyorkshire.co.uk and let us know what you are wanting to do.

We use a database to hold your information. The data held is NEVER shared or sold to anyone else and we will only contact you about your booking.

Looking forward to seeing you in October.

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