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News at 8th October 2018...

Our next JoY will be on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of October 2019.

Well that’s another Jewel of Yorkshire Festival over for the year. Very big thanks to all the Teachers, Traders and Students who helped to make it such a success.

Our next Festival will be on the first weekend of October 2019.

Did you lose something over the weekend? We leave the Lost Property we find at Victoria Hall and the staff there look after it. Contact the Hall to enquire – details are on our contact page.

So what do you do now? Well if you are interested in coming next year then get yourself into our Jewel of Yorkshire Facebook group. Announcements are made there as well as on this web site. When we have the new Schedule, probably early April 2019, then we announce it on the Facebook page and the Box Office here becomes active. Our principle star was sold out in a couple of weeks this year so it’s important for you to stay in touch!

If you are thinking of performing in our “Student Showcase” on the Friday night please remember that our definition of ‘Student’ is ‘someone who is a student at the Jewel of Yorkshire Festival’. There was some confusion about this in the feedback we have just read, some people thought that some of the performers were ‘too professional’ and should not have been in the show. We feel that anyone who has booked to do a workshop at the Festival is eligible to dance in that show. You will have to be quick off the mark though. Within two weeks of the Box Office opening this year we had 22 acts and another 12 that had to go onto a reserve list. It has become very popular.

Anyone who danced in this years Student Showcase but who forgot to pick up their ‘medal’ can still get one.  Please email us at admin@jewelofyorkshire.co.uk and let us know your address and we will pop one in the post for you. We know you love this new tradition at JoY and, rest assured, there will be a new design and colour next year!

Finally, in the news,  we have left the previous workshop and teacher details up so that if you have never been to JoY before you can see the sort of things we offer. Please don’t get confused and think that this is the 2019 line-up. Mandy is working hard behind the scenes to get you some great teachers and you can find out about them in April 2019.

Technical Stuff; but IMPORTANT!

We have had to change some aspects of the online booking system. Most importantly you can only make a booking for one person at a time, you cannot put multiples of workshops or shows on the same booking. If you want to book sessions for more than one person you must finish the first booking and pay, then you can start again for someone else. Please remember to put the full name of the person you are booking for in the information section on the checkout page and their email if you want confirmation to go to them (we normally send the confirmation to the person who paid). If in doubt email admin@jewelofyorkshire.co.uk and let us know what you are wanting to do.

The Workshops and Box Office pages have a colour coding system so that you, the student, can see how urgent it is to book your workshop. If the workshop is Amber then there are less than half the tickets left; and if it goes Red then there are just a handful left and you will need to book quickly to get a place.

We use a database to hold your information. The data held is NEVER shared with, or sold to, anyone else and we will only contact you about your booking.

Looking forward to seeing you next year.

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